UCSD Faculty Club Wedding by Fritz Harmon Photography

I had the opportunity to photograph  Ginger and Hari at their UCSD Faculty Club wedding. The venue is in the middle of the La Jolla campus . Because it was a beautiful Indian wedding ceremony we were treated to lots of color and amazing traditions.  I have selected some of my favorite images to share here with you.

01 UCSD Faculty Club

02 UCSD Faculty Club_1

03 UCSD Faculty Club_2

04 Indian Wedding UCSD

05 Indian Wedding UCSD_1

06 Indian Wedding UCSD

07 Indian Wedding UCSD

08 Indian Wedding Faculty Club

09 Indian Wedding Faculty Club

10 Faculty Club UCSD

11 Faculty Club UCSD

12 Faculty Club UCSD

13 Faculty Club UCSD

14 Faculty Club UCSD

15 Faculty Club UCSD

16 Faculty Club UCSD

17 Faculty Club UCSD

18 Indian Wedding UCSD

19 Indian Wedding UCSD

20 Indian Wedding UCSD

21 Indian Wedding UCSD

22 Indian Wedding UCSD

23 Indian Wedding UCSD

24 Indian Wedding UCSD

25 Indian Wedding UCSD

Thank you for visiting the blog and checking out my latest images. I hope you liked them.  In conclusion, if you have any questions about my photography please visit FritzHarmon.com for more information.

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