Wedding at Catamaran Resort Hotel | Fritz Harmon Photography

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Amy and Jarrad’s wedding at the beautiful Catamaran Resort Hotel in Mission Bay.  A great venue and an awesome couple led to some really fun pictures.   Here are a few of my favorites from their big day!

01 CatamaranJust look at the view from the hotel room down to Mission Bay and south San Diego.

02 Catamaran

03 CatamaranLook at these cool shoes!

04 CatamaranSmelling the bouquet.

05 CatamaranMom helping to zip the dress.

06 CatamaranHanging out on the balcony for a quick shot of the bride in her dress before the ceremony.

07 CatamaranBride and proud father walking down the aisle.

08 Catamaran

09 CatamaranSmiles and laughter during the wedding ceremony is a good thing.

10 Catamaran

11 Catamaran

12 CatamaranSigning the Ketubah

13 CatamaranBreaking of the glass.

14 CatamaranThe first kiss!

15 Catamaran

16 CatamaranBig group shot of all the guests.

17 CatamaranBridal party

18 CatamaranGroomsmen

19 CatamaranBridesmaids

20 CatamaranThe happy couple down by the water

21 Catamaran

22 Catamaran

23 Catamaran

24 Catamaran

25 Catamaran

26 Catamaran

27 CatamaranThe Catamaran Resort dock with  colorful flags.

28 CatamaranInside the beautiful Aviary Ballroom at the Catamaran

29 Catamaran

30 Catamaran

31 CatamaranFirst dance!

32 Catamaran

33 CatamaranThe Groom was sporting some cool “She’s Mine” shoes!

34 Catamaran

35 CatamaranCutting the cake

36 Catamaran

37 CatamaranTossing the bouquet

38 Catamaran

39 CatamaranAnd he’s ready for the garter.

40 Catamaran

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